If this is a mental health emergency, call 911 in most areas of Canada and the US, or go to your nearest Emergency Room.

Here are some resources you may find helpful:

My own journey has involved the stress of caring for two boys on the Autism Spectrum. Here are a few links for those dealing with autism in their family or for those wanting to support very worthwhile organizations.

  • Children at Risk in an Ottawa based charity which provides social skills programs, support groups for ASD individuals as well as their siblings, respite programs and a summer day camp program that supports children on the spectrum with no restrictions on the level of functioning. They receive no government support, yet they do so much good! http://childrenatrisk.ca/
  • The Autism Hope Alliance is a not for profit which has partnered with the natural food industry to provide food for American families struggling with the dietary restrictions of their children. The support doesn’t stop with food as they also provide many other resources. https://autismhopealliance.org/
  • Sprout Therapy, an innovative, tech-forward provider of in-home and online applied behavior analysis to help children on the autism spectrum meet their unique needs. https://www.elemy.com/studio/mood-disorders/depression  https://www.elemy.com/studio/mood-disorders/autism-and-suicidal-thoughts